Irresistably kissable, anytime, all the time.

Your lips are used for many things–talking, eating, kissing, making faces–truly your mouth is one of your face’s most prominent features. It’s important to have it well prepared for your day, smooth, moisturised, and of course attractive. Do you spend a lot of time lining and colouring your lips every day? Do you worry about your lipstick coming off all the time? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to know that your lips are done perfectly, 24 hours a day?

SofTap® lips are perfect for those who:

  • Have pale lips but want more color
  • Have thin lips but want fuller looking lips
  • Have irregularly shaped lips but want more symmetry/better shape

SofTap®® Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best, 24/7.

It can give you beautiful, full, and irresistably kissable permanent lips. SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics can give you anything from a slight shape adjustment to a complete recolouring of your existing lip. The best part is, the results are so natural only you will know the difference!

Natural imperfections, such as poor shape or receded lips can be easily corrected. You don’t have to have perfectly moulded lips to have permanent make-up. Slight adjustments can be made in design to give you the illusion of younger, fuller lips.

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