Lash Lift is the beauty treatment that instantly gives your lashes lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals.

It is the gentle alternative to lash extensions. Lash Lift essentially takes the natural hairs you do have lining your lid and gives them a dramatic curl worthy of a mascara ad. 


We typically recommend getting a tint along with the treatment. 

Maintenance is also less precious than that of lash extensions. Because they are your own natural eyelashes, you can still use mascara and lash serum, if that's what you would typically do.


After about 6 to 8 weeks, which is the natural growth cycle of your lashes, you'll start to notice the curled pieces disappearing, as the set you previously had starts to replace them. 


Lash Lift without tint - £30

Lash Lift without tint - £35