Controlled MDA is a modern technique designed, with the help of a gentle, mechanical peeling process, to improve the skin's regenerative capabilities and to better control specific skin conditions.

The user can control exactly the flow of crystals and the depth of peeling. This characteristic ensures a level of safety superior to other peeling methods available.

The basic aim of MDA is to restore the ideal balance between healthy, well functioning cells needed for a radiant appearance and the dead corneocytes needed for our protection from the environment.


Peel Professional Treatment 

The skin is cleansed to remove any impurities.

Pre-peel lotion is applied to gently disinfect the skin and help start soften the keratinised layer.

A creamy enzymatic peeling mask is applied which loosens the cells out of their bond.


The Peel Professional MDA is carried out over the surface of the skin, which allows a gentle removal of dead skin cells generating the stimulation of the cell's renewal process.

Post-peel lotion is applied to gently disinfect and calm the skin.


Oxygen moisturiser brings oxygen deep into the skin and the cells and enhances regeneration of the new skin.

Vitamin C cream-gel provides a high concentration of Vitamin C for regeneration and increases collagen which provides a smoother and tighter skin, increasing the ability to capture moisture.​


OPC-regenerating cream is an anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle cream which improves natural bonding of collagen fibres in the connective tissue, also good for damaged skin or skin that is exposed to sunlight. It strengthens the connective tissue and provides a tightening effect to the skin. Expecially recommended as an aftercare cream for MDA.


Frequently asked Questions About Microdermabrasion 


Is it new? MDA has been in use for over 20 years, millions of treatments have been performed.


Is it painful? Absolutely not. Without reaching the critical peeling depth Peel Professional MDA remains free of discomfort and pain. The action of the crystals and the hand piece is extremely gentle on the skin. The intensity of the treatment (the rate of crystal flow and the vacuum pressure) is completely controllable by the therapist.


How many treatments do I require? The number of treatments required is dependant on the skin condition. Most common conditions require between 6-10 sessions. A maintenance session is required every 5-6 weeks.



When will i see results? You will start to see the results after the first treatment as the appearance of the skin and its texture improves. 


Is it risk-free of allergy? Aluminium oxide crystals used are completely inert and cannot cause a reaction.


Is it risk-free of scars and pigmentation? Far from causing scars, MDA is used to treat them. Pigmentation problems can occur only if the peeling depth reaches melanocytes in the base membrane. The base membrane is only reached during scar treatment.



Microdermabrasion Treatments


Treatments                                                       Price per Treatment


Basic Microdermabrasion                              £35.00 (1.10min.)


Regenerating Treatment                               £40.00 (1.20min.)


Basic post Acne Treatment                          £40.00 (1.20min.)


Stretch Mark Treatment                               £40.00 (1.20 min.)